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Jan 2, 2009

Celebrities without make-up Photos

Angelina Jolie is a very beautiful woman …but beautiful women have bad days too, when they have circles round the eyes. We’ll pass over that, because she hides a big soul.

Angelina Jolie without make-up pictureAngelina Jolie without make-up picture

Angelina Jolie with make-up pictureAngelina Jolie with make-up picture

Avril Lavigne changed her look, and transformed herself into an elegant lady…maybe we can now succeed in forgetting how she looked when she was a hard punk-rocker.

Avril Lavigne without make-up pictureAvril Lavigne without make-up picture

Avril Lavigne with make-up picture Avril Lavigne with make-up picture

The beautiful Eva Longoria is always super-arranged and filled with make-up no matter what the circumstances are when she appears on Visteria Lane. But it seems, that in every day life, make-up doesn’t seem that important to Eva Longoria…and what is underneath scare you a bit….brrr

Eva Longoria without make-up pictureEva Longoria without make-up picture

Eva Longoria with make-up pictureEva Longoria with make-up picture

Keira Knightely charmed us in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". The beautiful actress, with her charming eyes, doesn’t seem to worry in her free time about her appearance, especially her hair, which leaves something to be desired of.

Keira Knightely without make-up pictureKeira Knightely without make-up picture

Keira Knightely with make-up pictureKeira Knightely with make-up picture

Lindsay Lohan is very nice young lady….only when she’s in the mood, with make-up, her hair done and is not photographed sunbathing on the beach.

Lindsay Lohan without make-up pictureLindsay Lohan without make-up picture

Lindsay Lohan with make-up pictureLindsay Lohan with make-up picture


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